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Meet Christina

Energetic. Friendly. Organized. Experienced. Determined.

When you first meet Christina McDonald, you are immediately taken in by her charm and enthusiasm for life. This is a vibrant professional who is a strong real estate negotiator with tech and marketing savvy!

A native Seattleite, Christina knows her city and the various neighborhoods.
The 250+ past clients attest to her neighborhood and market knowledge. The reviews are full of glowing recommendations and appreciation for her easy smile and expertise.

Organization is vital in real estate.
When you are transacting business and your personal investment is involved, you want someone who is precise and organized to handle all the details. Christina's precise accounting background is obvious as she prepares the many documents used in real estate, monitors closely all the date deadlines, stays in contact with the mortgage brokers and agents involved, as well as providing you with a Seller's Net Proceeds or Buyer's Initial Expenses calculations.

Experience. Longevity in the industry has meaning.
As a longtime real estate professional, Christina McDonald has "history" in the industry - in the down times, as well as the upswing in the Seattle market. This means that regardless of what the market is doing today, you are hiring someone who is responsive to your needs and the measures needed to assist you achieve your goals.

  • Sellers need comprehensive data when the largest personal investment in their lifetime is going to be sold. This includes discussion about your options, the amount of money you will receive, and the best way to obtain the highest dollar through marketing.
  • Buyers need to know about neighborhoods, schools, commute paths and timing, introductions to other seasoned professionals who will facilitate the loan and various inspections, as well as the amount of money needed during the buying process.
    Someone who has handled these experiences in various market conditions is most likely to serve you best.

Determined. "Send in the Strong Negotiator…."

  • If you are a seller, you want someone who will use her impressive background and experience to set your property apart from the competition, present it in the most flattering manner, thus bringing forth the very best offer on your property to net you the most amount of money. You want someone who is pleasant and walks you through the process, then follows up on the hundreds of details.
  • If you are a buyer, you are hiring someone who looks out for your end of the transaction, negotiating the very best offer you can put forward. Christina's style is friendly, but determined. She is committed to representing you and your needs.

Call Christina McDonald and find out how you can use her experience to your benefit.